39 Dedications to Porn, Gore and Violence

by FuckFeast

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released April 22, 2015

All music and lyrics by AnalFaust and Henry Miscarriage
All album art by Zerox144
Synth on Satanic Goatpleasuring by guitarwanker90
Solo on Mummy Penetration by Walther Nurzique
Recorded at studio von Carnage
Mixed at AnalFaust homestudio
Contact: torsobride@gmail.com



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


FuckFeast Helsinki, Finland


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Track Name: Thermovaginal War
Monsterous uterus spitting out bombs, our city lies in ruins
End is nigh, the cunt rises high
Will I survive?
Track Name: Fatal Intestinal Maelstrom
Fatal intestinal maelstorm twisting my bowels
Why did I eat that turd I found yesterday?

I fear I'm going to die sitting on a toilet
I hate this endless flow of blood and diarrhea

Time to time I turn around to smear it on my face

It feels like I'm peeing from my ass
Track Name: Torsobride
I pick up my axe, start running to the door
You better run for your life
I will cut you to little pieces and use them as my wife.

Meathooks rip your body apart, I start to masturbate
I drink your blood from a skull, which I took from your mother
Make love to a torso, rip off the head
Limbs are lying on the floor, I wont need them yet
Track Name: Sick Shit
Eat my shit you dirty little whore
(I bet you love it)
Penetrate me with your knife
(I want to bleed)

Peel off my foreskin
It feels so good
Fill my rectum with you fist
Tear it to pieces

Shut the fuck up and make me suffer
Shoot me in the head
Ultimate ecstacy
Track Name: Elbowdeep In Eyesocket
I'm stuck
Why did I do it

Now my arm is stuck
Fuck my fetishes
Why do I want to push my hand everywhere?

Now my hand is stuck
I'm elbow deep in your eyesocket
Track Name: Feces Navidad
Happy fucking holidays pig fuckers
I left my present in your sock
And on your forehead

I'll smear that shit in your face
Across your body
And I'll redecorate your walls
With something brown and festive

Merry merry, merry Shitmas
Track Name: Dr. Necro Phil
I love teddybears
I love teddybears
I love teddybears and necrophilia
Track Name: I Violated Your Girlfriend
Hey cuntbag
You wanna know something
I gutted your girlfriend
Slit her throat

Flayed her cunt
Now its my cockring
Reached in her ass
And pulled out bowels

I ate her tits
And half of her ass
Then stuck a knife in her side

Stuck my cock in the wound
Slammed that bitch hard
Sawed off the head
While cumming in her lung

So cuntbag
I'm done with that slut
She is in the dumpster
Want the sloppy seconds?
Track Name: The Collector of Gruesome Objects
Screaming in pain, crying for help, you crawl around in a pool of blood
I can smell your fear for the true agony is yet to come

The foul stench of rotting carcasses rises beneath the floor
Your worst nightmares are about to come true

Taste the agony

Your guts are lying on the floor

Feel the fear

Abacination is the ultimate goal

Once again I drag a victim down the stairs, throw it in the pile
Another one to my collection, another left to die
Track Name: Burning the Retirement Homes
Fuck old people they all smell bad
Always paying in small change

I'm tired of waiting in the line
I'm sick of old people

Always driving like fucking apes
Thinking they're better than us

Well I've got some news for you
You guys fucking suck
I have had enough of you people
I'm gonna introduce you to a world of hurt

I burn the place down
Rape two grannies and one pa
When I'm done, my masterplan
I take a poop in the ruins
Track Name: Fistfucked by a Gorilla
Meet Tom the zookeeper
One day he was cleaning the gorillacage
When a big gorilla male ripped his clothes off

Suddenly Tom finds an hairy arm stuck in his ass
The gorilla starts flailing him like a maraca

Tom's rectum splits wide open
Now hes an instrument for the king of the jungle.
Track Name: Tom the Wife (Fistfucked by a Gorilla Part 2)
Tom is back, and he's a wife for the gorilla we met at the zoo
That faithful day changed his life
One hairy fist, one prolapsed rectum

Now every night he bends over backwards and takes it in like a man
One hairy gorilla leg up in his bum, Tom cries out: His bum is numb

Track Name: Baby Seal Clubbing Club


Track Name: Teeth Splitter
Strapped to the table
Mouth spread wide open
Chisel pressed to tooth
One hammer blow, it's over
Track Name: You Can't Spell Funeral without FUN
Come right in, there is much to see
Crying relatives are fun to tease

First just laugh out loud, then pee on the floor
Why wont they laugh?
I'm having the best time

I start my own show by stripping around the priest
Flinging my poo to the crowd
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun at the funeral

Why did the fuzz arrest me again?
Track Name: Skullfuck
Track Name: Cereal Killer
(I am the cereal killer)

I force feed people with cereal
After theyre dead, I eat some
Chocolates my favourite, goes well with blood
I kill people with my cereal

I like them all, so crispy and good
I love cereal, I really do

I kidnap people while I'm shopping
Strap them to a chair, then have some fun
Dont get me wrong, I'm not a bad guy
I just really love my sweet cereal
Track Name: Satanic Goatpleasuring
Angels crying blood as I lick the fur ritual of blood and hate
Starting to twist my thoughts, I put it inside me and start to masturbate
As the goat begins to fuck me from behind as I strangle myself
With a home made chain from barbwire, nails and pain

I am your lord
I am your god
Satisfy me
Fullfill my needs

Give me your body
Take me inside you
Let me see your pain
Drown me in your tears
Track Name: Dirty Little Whore
Sick little stinking whore
Ridden with STD's
Half rotten, half mutilated
Barely alive

Locked down in the basement
Chained to a wall
Ready to fuck
Whenever you want

Puke on me
Choke on my cock
Dirty little whore
8 years old
Track Name: Veni, Vidi, Violari
We cum inside your head
We pee on your legs
We rip you apart
We fuck your remains

Fuck your legs and eat your arms
Your mutilated corpse is still so warm

Its so nice to fuck a corpse
I love the smell of blood

We came here to kill and we came here to fuck
We came for the satisfaction
Track Name: Omnipotent Sexmachine
Humankind is a joke
Humanity is scum
Kneel down for me
Fucking faggots!

I am the overruler
I am universal
Suck my many cocks
Lick my anus
Track Name: Cancer Transplant
Finally my test is complete
After years of research
Worlds first malignant tumor
Transplanted to a human
Track Name: My Perfect Lover
I got a toy under the floorboards

My little fucktoy

Under the floor

She died years ago

But still makes me hard

My sweet dry flower

When I feel the urge

I dig her up

And lick that rotten cunt

My perfect lover

Always silent

Always faithful
Track Name: My Erection Shatters the Mountains
Fat, greasy, oil stained, shaved gorilla
Shoving a bloated rotten corpse
I feel the blood pumping to my member
I feel the rising of the world ender

My erection rises to the heavens
(Heil the king dong)
My erection shatters the mountains
(Heil the seed spewer)

Majestic, giant, superb penis rising from my crotch

Grand sperm flow of biblical proportions drowns the know universe
Track Name: Shat Into Unconsciousness
Holy shit
I'm about to shit
Gods help me, the pain
(Pressure in my bowels)
What is happening?

Shit flies out
Straight through my pants
That was a majestic shit
Too bad it knocked me out
Track Name: Surgeon Supreme
Mutilated remains in a glass jar
Dead man strapped to the operation table
I'm a man of science
To make our lives better

Driving bonesaw across the sternum
Spreading the chestcavity
Removing the heart and lungs
Proceeding to inestines

As a man of science
I'm spectacular
Bettering the life
I'm surgeon supreme

Opening the skull
Taking the brains
Removing also the muscle tissue
Hey, a mans gotta eat
Track Name: We Will Destroy the Genitals of Those Who Opposed the Omnipotent Latex-Goddess from the Dimensional Plane Where Rape is the Only Way to Achieve Greater Pleasure and Immortal Glory in the Stadium of Mutilated Remains of Old Discarded Whores
We Will Destroy the Genitals of Those Who Opposed the Omnipotent Latex-Goddess from the Dimensional Plane Where Rape is the Only Way to Achieve Greater Pleasure and Immortal Glory in the Stadium of Mutilated Remains of Old Discarded Whores
Track Name: Yo Momma Shat on My Face
I fucked your mom last night
She shat on my face
Track Name: Urethral Injection
You are sentenced to death
Sit on the chair and remove your pants

I take my syringe of poison
And thrust it in your cock

You're dying fucker
I hope it hurts
I pee on you as you slowly die
Track Name: Five Dimensional Fistfuck
Track Name: Wall of a Thousand Cocks
Repulsive wall of cocks surround me

They stand there hard and tall

I fear that they will fall on me

I fear the penile wall

Why am I here, what have I done?

I just raped and murdered, I just had some fun
I do not regret a second of my life

I would do it all again!

The wall of cocks is closing on me

They move closer inch by inch

I feel the ultimate ecstasy

As the cocks crush my bones
Track Name: Human Punching Bag
You are hanging from my ceiling
Meathooks penetrating your back

I'll pull on my gloves
My little human punching bag

First hit hurts
Second hit burns
Third hit rips the hooks off
Now you're just a half of a human punching bag
Track Name: Wombful of Wasps
Wasphive pushed to your cunt
All the way in
Pushed inside your womb
With a fist

Now it's time for fun
Sew the cuntlips together

Wasps wont escape
Scream and shake bitch
I'm so badass
I'll drink a bottle of whiskey
Track Name: Phantom of the Morgue
When the night comes and sun sets down
I come out and sneak to morgue
The smell of fresh corpse
My cock starts to harden

Soon I'll make love to it
My erection rips my shorts

Shit its an old hag
Well beggars can't be choosers
Just a little lube
And I slide in her ass
Track Name: Zombies are the Hungriest
Bad blood
courses through my veins
There is only one way

Eat their flesh
Devour their brain
Run little piggies
You can not escape

You're my bacon
So tasty and good
Eat their flesh

Devour their brain
Blood is wine
Bone marrow is gourmet

Mashed testicles
Urethral sausages
Dinner is served

Liver with some beans
And a nice Chianti
Meal of the undead!

Your blood
courses through my bowels
I still need to feed!

Eat their flesh
Devour their brain
Run little piggies
You can not escape

My hunger is endless
My belly is bottomless
I ache for flesh

Whole torso cooked on a spit
So tender!
So juicy!
Track Name: Shoulder Deep in Eyesocket
Here we are, a new story for you
I'd like to introduce you to my little secret act
I can not help to stick my hand in every hole
I love the really tight ones

Here I am again, in the same old situation
Why do I always end up like this?
Why do I stick my hand everywhere?


I'm stuck
In your eyesocket

I hate my fetish
(I really do)
This time I'm shoulder deep

I can't take this anymore
(But still I love it)
This can't keep going on

(I'm stuck)
Shoulder deep

(I'm stuck)
Shoulder deep

(I'm stuck)
Shoulder deep
Track Name: Bemmi Kummid (Bonus Track - 42GO Cover)
Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid

Kõige paremini kummi vilistada oskan ma
Kui tahad kohe saad yks kaks kolm
Keeran aknad lahti ütlen ainult üht

Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid

Ja uus on tümakas

Tule näitan sulle, kuuidas peksab beat
Tule näitan sulle, kes on Ellen Niit
Tule näitan sulle kuidas kummid suitsevad
Tule näitan sulle kuidas majad kerkivad

Su-ssitan sussitan kum-mi sinu ees
Tule näitan sulle kes on tõeline mees

Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid

Ricky, Ermo, Aivo olid täna sangas
Ülejäänud sigadel on sabad rõngas
Kui sa sõitaeioska anna meilllle rool
Sest rooli keerata on meie soov

Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid
Mul on bemmil uued kummid